Excellent Dutch Learning Modules




Giant Steps


Your advantage:

  • Accelerated learning
  • Achieving your goals within a limited amount of time
  • Effective for meeting employer and goverment requirements







Your advantage:

  • Incorporate Dutch language practice in your daily or weekly routine
  • Structural progress
  • Plenty opportunity to zoom in to and process new information in between lessons
  • Achieve ambitious goals by prolongued exposure to quality training






Your advantage:

  • Integrate Dutch lessons even into highly irregular work schedule
  • Consolidate your carreer in the Netherlands by learning the language, even if your work is demanding and/or time-consuming
  • Progress without preparation or homework as a result of unique accelerated learning method



Conversation Only


Your advantage:

  • Eliminate that threshold holding you back to engage in Dutch conversation by... jumping in directly !
  • Favourable pricing
  • Direct results
  • Especially usefull for daily life conversation




In Company



employer advantage:

  • Enhance  engagement of highly educatd expat employees
  • Enhance incompany communication, both professionally and socially
  • reinforcing team spirit
  • apply for goverment subsidies

student advantage:

  • company financing
  • learn as a team
  • interactive & professional Dutch


In Company also includes the new concept of Inter Company Learning Modules: 

employer advantage (apart from forementioned):

  • apart from educational advantages, an Inter Company Course can generate a strong and personal local networking impulse relevant for a.o. sales-opportunities, supplier discount negociations and outsourcing possibilities
  • less demand on your budget for Dutch language education as a result of intercompany collaboration and discounts accordingly, often spontaneously initiated by employers themselves as a result of ->

 student advantage (apart from forementioned):

  • special discount for the participant initiating an InterCompany course by generating the minimal necessary employer interest in multiple companies of 15 %  !
  • Initiators increase their personal status within the company (and throughout the building) !


Custom Made


When your situation is differs from our standard modules, naturally we think out of the box combining elements from different modules or creating something new altogether !


 All modules can be attended on location company/student/Excellent Dutch or online both individually or as a group.





Excellent Dutch is always curious about your situation and needs concerning the Dutch language.
Please don't hesitate to contact us by mail - or even better- by phone (06-36122870 and 06-83236166) to discuss solutions meeting your specific needs.